5 Feb, 2021
CBI Serves Echemi Develop The First Digital Intelligent Procurement And Transactions Online Platform

February 5, 2021, as a global business information pioneer, CBI signed a supplier certification strategic cooperation agreement with Echemi today. "Nothing, even Coronavirus, can stop us from serving our partners," said Ray Chan, President of CBI.

"We are delighted to kick off a new page in the worldwide chemistry industry by providing professional enterprise certification services for Echemi's VIP members", he added.

This cross-border collaboration combines CBI's enormous global business intelligent information expertise with Echemi's B2B sophisticated service platform in the chemical industry.

As a result, enabling mutual trust in online transactions and securing stakeholders risk management.

Furthermore, through this digital online platform, chemical enterprises can identify, monitor and control professional qualifications, business risks and credit risks with ease. This will ensure safe transaction both at home and abroad by improving access rules for online platform transactions, eliminating supplier business risks, optimizing platform resource allocation, reducing platform customer acquisition costs and risks, selecting high-value transaction objects.

CEOs Mr. David Zhang and Mr. Ray Chan signed online contracts in Qingdao and Hong Kong respectively